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BYSA, Inc. is pleased to announce the following schedule of tryouts for travel teams for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 seasons.  There will be two tryout dates for each team.  All interested players are encouraged to attend both tryout dates.  Players should come outfitted to play with shin guards, cleats, a soccer ball (U9 to U12 size 4 ball, U13 to U15 size 5 ball) and water.

To speed up tryouts, we are asking all players to pre-register online.  This will allow for a smoother signin process at the fields.  All players will need a digital photo (head shot) which can be added during pre-registration.  New players will need a birth certificate which can be brought to the fields or added during pre-registration.

There are changes to how U8 kids will be evaluated (2014 birth year) this year.  The last several years tryouts were open to the U8 kids and many were placed on a team.  The SW District of the CT Junior Soccer Association does not have an U8 division so U8 kids who do play are typically playing against kids that are one year older.    What this means is that a U8 kid may participate in the tryout but will not be placed on a team unless there is a need for players on one of the U9 teams.  Note that if the SW District does establish a U8 league, BYSA will attempt to field a U8 team. While BYSA does not encourage kids to play up, BYSA does have a policy where it will consider it based on the tryout evaluation. 

BYSA encourages U8 kids to take advantage of our intown Coerver skills program.  The program encourages touches on the ball and really gets the kids ready for the travel program.  Below is some key information about Coerver:

Coerver Mission Statement - “We want to develop Skilled, Confident, Creative, players who combine well with team mates” and/or “Have the skills to go it alone” (1v1)

A good level of Core Skills is essential to playing the team game well, especially in the modern game where team possession is important.

  • The reality/difficulty of the team game is that as players age, and go up levels, there is less time & space to protect the ball. The Coerver System helps solve this difficulty, by improving FIRST TOUCH (The Golden Touch).
  • The “Golden Touch” positively effects all the individual Core Skills needed to play the team game well.
  • The Key to a good “Golden Touch” is the player acquiring “Ball Feeling” through the Coerver Ball Mastery Curriculums

Coerver® Coaching has over the course of 34+ years, devised a curriculum and method to improve Ball Mastery, which is the foundation of all the game core skill

The Coerver method will be taught at the Saturday morning and Monday evening intown sessions that will begin in early September 2021.


Tuesday May 31st, 2022  (Rain date June 7th)

Boys 2013-2015, Girls 2011-2015 - 5:00–6:30PM @ Rourke Field

Boys 2008-2012, Girls 2006-2010 - 6:45–8:15PM @ Rourke Field

Thursday, June 2nd, 2021 (Rain date June 7th)


Boys 2013-2015, Girls 2011-2015 - 5:00–6:30PM @ Rourke Field

Boys 2008-2012, Girls 2006-2010 - 6:45–8:15PM @ Rourke Field

Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time and register online at http://assn.la/Reg/?r=2:222654 before showing up to the fields.


For additional information please contact  .


You may pay online by going to the registration section of this website and choosing your correct team.  If you would like to play intown, you do not need to register for it online, just contact your manager.  If you do not wish to pay online, please contact your manager for payment information.


If you are interested in coaching for travel, please fill out the CJSA background check located here.

Contact Information

Please contact our Travel Director with any questions at betheltravelsoccer@gmail.com.


The following link is to the Southwest District CJSA website schedule section. Choose the appropriate 
league and team from the below list to see the schedule for that team.

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