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The BYSA Board of Directors and other executive positions are appointed at the beginning of each calendar year. 

President: Nick Vitti*
Vice President/Support Services: George Johnston*
  Manager of Referees: John McDonald
    Referee Scheduler:  
  Equipment Manager:  George Johnston
  Coaching Manager:  Greg Correard
Director of In-Town: Andy McVey*
  Director of Boys Program:  Kevin Kurtz
  Director of Girls Program:  Tina Broccolo*
  Assistant:  Andy Deegan
Director of Travel: Danny Cairns*
  Assistant: Nick Vitti, Jr.
  Assistant: Amber Kane
  Assistant: Dan Dispenza
Director of Finance: Ray Ledan*
Director of Communications: (Not Filled)*
  Registrar: Lisa Geist
  Publicity Manager:  
  Web Site: Kevin Kurtz


* Signifies Director Positions on BYSA Board